Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hosts for the "New Member Brunch" are:
                                                              Jim & Lyn Senske

This is a boating event.  All attending will have the opportunity to travel to the Long Beach Yacht Club aboard a members yacht to enjoy a wonderful breakfast buffet overlooking the Long Beach marina.

The day started out beautifully. The weather was great, the boats all arrived at the Bonaire dock in preparation for the trip to the LBYC.
As 'Fintastic' was following 'Lady Susan' out of Anaheim Bay it was noticed that the port engine did not seem to be in operation and as we cleared the jetty it wasn't long before 'Lady Susan' radioed that she was dead in the water with two overheated engines. Vessel Assist was called and the Long Beach Lifeguards responded to assure that all were safe. The lifeguard stayed with the 'Lady Susan' until vessel assist arrived. After being towed back to her slip the crew and guests retired to a local eatery to talk over their adventure.

Special thanks to Don Duncan for his leadership during this emergency at sea.
As Robin Clark brought 'Fintastic' into her slip at the LBYC we were greeted by two important icons of any sea adventure, a great blue heron and Jim Senske. (Jim is on the right.) After all the happenings of the day Jim was happy to defer to the great blue heron.

After being delayed by the 'Lady Susan' adventure, Robin Clark's passengers were happy to join with the group from David Snegg's boat the 'Bali' La' which had arrived much earlier.
Junior Staff Commodore Mike Courtway MC'd the event, substituting for Vice Commodore Cleve Sproule who was on the 'Lady Susan'; who was scheduled to substitute for Commodore Bob Axel who had to be out of town.

Everyone had a good time.
A great thank you goes out to today's non-member guests who got a little more than they bargained for. We hope you will consider becoming members of our great club.

A thank you to Linda Cohen for submitting the photo on the left taken of the guests aboard the "Bali' La."
The following photos were received from Cindy Shaw. Thank you, Cindy, for sharing the happeings on David & Batrbara Snegg's vessel.