Friday May 18 to Sunday May 20, 2007

Heading for Catalina we passed all the familiar sights around Huntington Harbour.

The following group of photos are all taken of - or in our boats. We are all proud of our vessels so if you have any photos to add to this collection send them to your Webmaster at

This next group of photos were taken around town.

Catalina was celebrating its Second Annual Hoe-Down in Avalon Canyon. Several of our members were seen enjoying the festivities. The featured attraction was the trained buffalo, Harvey Wallbanger.

Friday evening everyone enjoyed a cocktail under the somewhat overcast stars at Descanso Beach.

Saturday night brought us back to Descanso for a delicious buffet BBQ cooked up by a mighty handsome group of chefs. The captains received plaques for their part in the success of the cruise and our Commodore was presented with the Dumb Bell award for what he calls a close encounter with a Vessel Assist craft. (Photos of the encounter are included among the boat pictures. "You be the Judge.")

This year's trip to Catalina wouldn't be complete without a reminder of how close the wildfires came to destroying our beautiful retreat.